Sunday, 17 July 2011

debt problem continues in Greece

Financial problems of Greece is not ending. 110Billion euro package is approved by European union to help Greece but this does not seem enough. Problem is deeper. Actually Greece itself created problem and it has to solve it by its own efforts. European Union is helping at mass level.
All parties should support reforms programs. It is not time of politics.
Greece has more than 300 billion debt.
Problem will be solved but it will take time .

Monday, 11 July 2011

P for Population, P for Problem , P for Poverty

P for Population, P for Problem , P for Poverty

Problem is second name of population, but third p means politicians do not think so. Population makes them popular. Most economist and politicians are not aware about population problem. Today is Population Day. Increasing population is a big problem. Poor countries like India, Bangladesh , China etc are already overpopulated and facing shortage problems. Actually in long run, result of population growth are very dangerous. But we do not take any problem seriously until we fully face it.
World resources are limited and we can make adjustment with them at certain level. Law of variable proportion already apply on many countries of world. If Japan or England do not feel any problem from overpopulation , this does not mean America will feel same economic condition with population density of 300 or above. These countries are small and their population is very less compared with world population. We are cutting trees and polluting rivers. We can not adjust such a huge population. Think what would be picture of India and China if their population density is same as Australia or Canada. World leaders should seriously think about this problem.
I think biggest achievement of communist China is one child policy.
World community should not ignore it.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Inflation or decreasing resources?

Today world’s main economic problem is inflation including rising energy prices. There is different between inflation and reducing resources . Inflation is commonly a result of monetary polices , but reducing resources are not result of monetary policies. Reducing resources are more dangerous . Due to overpopulation and highly exploitation of resources , prices of these resources are increased.
Oil, Coal , water etc all are used without any care. All world leaders should think about it. Rising petroleum prices are not just a inflationary problem it is actually a problem of decreasing resources. It is really a critical stage to think about it. In general most countries of world are overpopulated and feeling resource shortage which will wide in coming years. We are polluting water, air, soil and finishing plants. It is very important issue and world community should not ignore it.